Put simply, we make buildings better.


True story: Every night, before we go to sleep, we think about smart buildings, (and the smart people in them). We want to make buildings better. And we know that if we do, the people in them will be happier.


To us, a ‘better building’ is more energy efficient and more cost effective. It uses the right technology to give you robust, reliable data. It helps you make strategic decisions about where, when and how to invest. Oh, and a ‘better building’ also means having people who never complain about how hot or cold it is on their floor. Ever. Again.

Our Services

  • Conversations and Pure Consulting – you ‘borrow our heads’ and expertise to gain advice, ideas and insights

  • Business Case Development – we help you build your strategic case for change, either as a new service line for your business or as a specification for your facilities vendors.  

  • Technology Sourcing – we find the right tech solution for you in the market that will deliver the best value.

  • Proof of Concept – we safely test your chosen tech for efficacy and organisational fit.

  • Project Implementation – end-to-end project management and delivery including data, technology, security and stakeholder engagement.

  • Data Strategy and Business Process Deployment – we use analytics to fulfil the needs of your stakeholders; whether operational, environmental or strategic.

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