About Aneysha

Based in London, with over eighteen years’ experience in energy, environmental services and facilities management, Aneysha has worked for, and with global businesses, helping them to manage all aspects of their energy.


With an MSc in architecture, environment and energy, Aneysha was one of the early pioneers of carbon footprint reduction (years before it was even ‘a thing’).


Having ‘consulted the consultants’ at some of the world’s biggest and best known firms and with several shiny industry awards tucked under her arm, Aneysha set about to find new ways in which technology could make buildings smarter and challenge the age-old industry norms.

A Recipe for Success 

Taking inspiration from other industries, she took a generous helping of tech, a dash of data analytics and threw her knowledge of buildings systems into the mix. And hey presto, Quantenergy was born.


When she’s not creating smart buildings, saving customers a fortune or increasing staff wellbeing in workplaces, Aneysha is a keen golfer and loves paragliding (British weather permitting).

Aneysha Minocha