Business Focused Maintenance

An output-based, data-driven M&E service model for NG Bailey

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What We Did

We worked with NG Bailey to develop a new service line for their M&E services business. This included business case development, commercialisation and customer business development for an output based, data-driven M&E service model.


Scope of Work

  • Business Model – a commercial and financial business case

  • Technology & Vendor evaluation, selection and procurement

  • Proof of Concept for the Commercial Built Environment

  • Setting up a Technical Operations Centre for remote monitoring and diagnosis


  • Delivered a new service proposition providing competitive advantage in the market

  • Assisted with securing a five-year deal with a commercial landlord for an output-based M&E contract

  • Established and launched a Technical Operations Centre

  • Scaling the application to retail, residential, leisure & industrial sectors


Connected Spaces

3 million square feet of connected spaces in central London for a major commercial landlord

What We Did

We project managed the end-to-end delivery of an output-based facilities contract for a major commercial landlord in London.

Scope of Work

  • Integration, configuration, remote monitoring and advanced analytics

  • Working with a team of specialists and multiple stakeholders to deliver output-based M&E services across:

  • 3 million sq ft of prime central London real-estate

  • 14 buildings

  • 60,000 data points connected and analysed at enterprise


  • Installed an enterprise level, cloud based analytics platform driving maintenance solutions

  • Delivered remote management across the portfolio resulting in streamlined workforce management

  • Connected multiple building management and energy systems, providing a portfolio view of real-time asset performance

  • Implemented proactive maintenance regimes resulting in enhanced customer experience

  • Delivered cash-positive results for the customer by the end of year 2.



Mayor of London initiative to create a new energy flexibility market for London

What We Are Doing

Quantenergy is the Project Delivery lead working in collaboration with Energy Unlocked and Eigen Ventures to run an acceleration process to build a flexibility marketplace in London, by matching energy users with solutions, creating visibility and opportunities to better realise both the local and system-level benefits that flexibility can provide.


Scope of Work

London currently has up to 1GW of flexibility but there is potential for much more. If we can unlock this resource we can cut bills and create new sources of income by making better use of existing networks and infrastructure.

It will also help London generate more clean, renewable energy and help manage additional demand on the grid created by the move to electric vehicles and the electrification of heat.