Happy New Year from Q! We hope you had a lovely break? We had a cracking time of family, friends, travel and yes – some overindulgence! But now it’s time to get back down to business.

So - what’s your resolution this year? And we’re not talking about eating fewer chocolates, hitting the gym and trying to quit all the usual vices that people try to quit in January. We're interested in business solutions. Ones that make an impact.

Let us explain: In 2018, we want to help you drive tangible business results by making your buildings smarter. That’s what will make the impact.

Yeah, but smart buildings - isn’t that just expensive tech? Big sigh. This is what we campaign against. Why? Because there is a plethora of jargon-juggling tech companies out there, with their ‘Smartest Smart Gadget Ever’ and their ‘Most Efficient Shiny Smart Toy Yet’. 'A Silver Bullet' answer to all your business challenges!

So here’s why we’re different. We don’t focus on the answers or the technology platforms, first we take a step back and focus on the questions. In fact, in our office, in pride of place on our favourite shelf, is a big, beautiful book. It’s called ‘Q’s book of Qs’. And yes, it’s full of questions that we ask people like you.

A few Qs from Q. Just for you! Using ‘Q’s book of Qs’ we ask you the right questions, to get to the right answers, which may or may not involve new technology. Here’s a sneaky peak:

1. What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

2. Would you like to: a. Drive wellbeing and staff productivity? b. Enhance customer / user experience? c. Deliver carbon reduction? d. Deliver output based facilities services? e. Some or all of the above?

f. Something else?

3. Will this improve the services and products that you offer to your customers or enhance your internal business operations?

4. Is it to drive new revenue streams or improve existing processes?

5. What data sets do you currently hold within your various business functions and within different buildings within your property portfolio?

6. How can these data sets be leveraged?

So you see, once we have the answers to these questions, then – and only then – will we talk about smart technology and digital roadmaps that might (or might not) be right for your business.

And the more answers we get, the closer we’ll be to achieving that business resolution of yours. Let’s make an impact together. Let’s make 2018 your smartest year yet.

Until next time, Q

P.S. Let’s talk smart Pop over. We’ll put the kettle on. We’ve got biscuits and everything. connect@quantenergy.co.uk

P.P.S. Want to know more about data? In our next blog we will explore how different data sets can be leveraged within your organisation.

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