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Mayor of London: Projects
River Thames, London


Quantenergy was the project delivery lead working in collaboration with Energy Unlocked and Eigen Ventures to run an acceleration process to facilitate the creation of a flexible energy marketplace in London.


We ran an acceleration program to match energy users with solutions, creating visibility and opportunities across London to better realise both the local and system-level benefits that flexibility can provide.


Our acceleration program involved curating and delivering:​​

  • 2 flexibility events (Flexathon)

  • 1 data-led Hackathon to accelerate potential flexibility solutions

These resulted in:

  • 28 major energy users engaged

  • 122 innovators registered with FlexLondon

  • 12 Project Sprints identified

  • 90 solutions proposed by innovators

Final results of the program were:

  • 4 replicable projects initiated and progressed to feasibility: e-mobility, social housing heat, solar plus clean storage, and diesel generator replacement

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